Why Argentinean Products?

Argentina, in the south of South America, between parallels 22 and 54, covers an area of almost 290 million hectares, 130 of which used for cattle breeding, 30 dedicated to agriculture, 1 million used for fruit production and an equivalent amount for horticulture, spices and honey production.


Because of its vast geographical area and wide variety of weathers -ranging from subtropical to mild cold- it is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, which is ideal to produce natural and organic foods.

Furthermore, the high level achieved in technological development, as much in primary production and processing, are the reasons why Argentine food is so highly demanded in international markets.
Our customers live all over the world. They talk different languages and have different habits. But they all have something in common: they are very demanding, accustomed to consume products of high and natural quality.

That’s why they consume our products.


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