ALIMENTAR COMEX is a service-oriented export company who acts as the EXTERNAL EXPORTS DEPARTMENT of many Argentinean Food Manufacturers, whose aim is to facilitate the development of the export of Argentine food products to new and existing markets.

We have built a wide database, listing more than 4.000 links in the areas of production and technological support, including various kind of producers, cold storage plants, storage plants, wineries, canneries, dryers, freight forwarders, custom agencies, etc., which allow us to offer our customers the most profitable choices on Argentine products.

As an EXTERNAL EXPORTS DEPARTMENT we can supply our Worldwide Clients with many Food Products. To know them please take a look at what we can offer you.

In order to improve our competitiveness and to better satisfy the needs and interest of our local and international customers, we have established associations with Argentine and international producers of fresh and dried fruit, canneries and wineries.

We are also developing the concept of “Input’s Buyer Agent”, exclusive service of Alimentar Comex  destined to pools of producers and manufactures. Being pioneers in this proposal, that helps our suppliers to improve their competitiveness as well as cost of production, we have acquired a wide experience, which is today available under request.


Upon our external client’s requirement, we look for and select products and manufacturers. We visit plants, define requested quality standards, negotiate the best prices and confirm the purchase orders.
We coordinate the delivery and shipment of goods, making the fulfillment of the contracts easy for exporters. We also make the necessary quality controls to always guarantee full client’s satisfaction.
Alimentar Comex may service the needs of food and beverage importers in four major categories: name-brand products, generic products, private label products, and raw materials.


Brands: Our good relationship with our producers makes us your best choice for exports.

Generic: When top name brands are not available, we can offer other brand names, the same quality at a more competitive price.

Private Label: Many companies prefer to have their own name on the items they import, we can satisfy your need.

Raw Materials: If you are a producer or processor looking for a competitive price, we can supply many items for further processing.



The Argentinean food is known by its high quality and its characteristic matters (natural flavor, against station, etc.) In front of so wide variety of options, the overseas buyer can require of a reliable purchasing agent that helps him in the search, evaluation and selection of the products with more potential for his necessities and / or market.

ALIMENTAR COMEX can act as a purchasing agent of overseas companies in Argentina. Our knowledge of the local market allows us to offer you a permanent search of products and suppliers. Our function is to assist the requirements of our clients, developing reliable suppliers trough the time, with products of quality.


Many local producers have exportable products, but they ignore the habitual practices of the international trade and they lack the necessary experience to market them abroad with success.

In the mark of a growing world interest for the Argentinean food products, the experience and the capacity of Alimentar Comex supported in information and investigations of markets with the existence of excellent contacts and overseas agents, they help to create an appropriate managerial environment for producers that are ready to export and buyers interested on importing.


We also help local producers in customizing their products to meet foreign tastes, packing specifications, and label requirements and to promote their products in international markets by organizing promotional activities like international trade shows and buyers missions to meet potential foreign customers.

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Why Argentinean Products?

Argentina, in the south of South America, between parallels 22 and 54, covers an area of almost 290 million hectares, 130 of which used for cattle breeding, 30 dedicated to agriculture, 1 million used for fruit production and an equivalent amount for horticulture, spices and honey production.


Because of its vast geographical area and wide variety of weathers -ranging from subtropical to mild cold- it is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, which is ideal to produce natural and organic foods.

Furthermore, the high level achieved in technological development, as much in primary production and processing, are the reasons why Argentine food is so highly demanded in international markets.
Our customers live all over the world. They talk different languages and have different habits. But they all have something in common: they are very demanding, accustomed to consume products of high and natural quality.

That’s why they consume our products.


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